Product Series p 65" p4 uhd smart tv is currently not available

Series P 65" P4 UHD Smart TV


Wi-Fi Connectivity

Connect to your local wireless network to take full advantage of this device’s capabilities. Share your data over a greater area thanks to the extended range that Wi-Fi offers compared to Bluetooth technology.


Optimises the colour, brightness and contrast levels of the TV to their optimal settings to give you an incredible true-to-life picture.

USB File Playback

This device has a built-in ability to play content right from a USB storage device. This is especially useful if you keep a lot of content digitally stored and need an easy way to play it.

4K Quality

Four times the quality of Full-HD, 4K quality gives you incredible sharpness, clarity and depth. Not a worry if you watch something a bit lower in quality, 4k upscaling increases the quality of older content so that you can make use of all 8.3 million pixels.

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